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Friday, May 27, 2005

Shimmer is done!

here I am modeling my new Shimmer shrug - I love it and it's been keeping me toasty all afternoon!

Shimmer shrug

I am on the final stages of the Shimmer shrug - I deviated from the pattern a bit by shortening the sleeves to 3/4 length - so it changed the top edge's shape a bit - but it looks pretty good. Have all the loose ends to weave in now - not my fav.

I love M, W & F for my 2.5 hour break from the kids. Reid is happily in preschool across the street and Brynn, as usual, is busy in her full day of kindergarten. You would think now is the perfect time to clean or do laundry - but OH NO - I can't imagine doing HOUSE WORK on my time off! Instead, I'm going to knit and finish my shrug!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

New to this!

So I've been thinking for a while that a knitting blog would be fun. I am an addicted knitter and thought I'd post to see if anyone shares my particular likes in this area.

I am currently working on 2 projects....well make that 3 or 4....but avidly on 2.

I really liked the "I Do" shrug on, but after working some of a sleeve, decided I didn't like the way it looked - so I've since changed to the "Shimmer" shrug also from I definately like this one and am almost done now. I'm using KnitPicks yarn, Andean Silk in Grass - it's luscious! And since the weather here in new england has been so cold - I'll probably be wearing it a'plenty!

Sock addiction

I'm also knitting away on various pairs of socks. I'm doing so on 2 double needles vs. the dpn method. I like it so much more. My tactic at not getting bored with any one yarn or pattern is to knit just one sock at a time then switch to another yarn/pattern...I then knit the match after I've knit a couple in different yarns and I don't get so bored!