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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Despite being sick with a stomach bug, I am getting my family packed to head down to CT for Thanksgiving. We stay at my in-laws and always have a great time. And let me tell you about these chairs they've got in their living room! I've bragged to my knitting group that they are the perfectly designed chair for knitting in! They are U shaped with the perfect arm height to allow my arms to settle into a very comfortable knitch (nice huh?) were I can knit for hours! They swivel too, which allows me to always be a part of whats going on. I can whip out sweaters or more while in those chairs in no time at all. Maybe it helps too that my children are playfully entertained by their grandparents...but I'm sticking with my belief in those chairs. They're wonderful!

I'm bringing 3 projects along with me: crochet eco-friendly carryall, Sheldon the Turtle & Rusted Root. They're all on some needles and partially done - Maybe I can finish them all by Sunday! Anythings possible in those chairs!

Hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving with whomever you may be spending it with this year. If it's a quiet one, good for you! If it's family/friend filled, good for you too! All's good one way or another. Either way - have a good one.

Friday, November 16, 2007

crochet hurts!

I have been crocheting my first ALL crochet project the last few days and I have to tell you - crochet hurts! I know it's all in the way I'm holding the yarn. I can't seem to help it. I hold the yarn the same way when I knit - but with my right hand - and it has gotten so used to it that it doesn't even phase me anymore. My left make that left pointer finger is killing me! I've been trying other methods of holding the yarn with good tension - but without me even realizing it - I go back to using my pointer as a vice and WHAALAA - sore finger.

I do like the bag I'm kni....I mean, crocheting. It's the Crocheted Eco-Friendly Carryall. I'm huge into using my own bags when I shop and love this one because I can scrunch it up into another bag until I need it.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hugs & Kisses

I wanted to make a friend something she could use and remember that she is missed and thought of. Here is my Hugs & Kisses Mug Cozy. It's a wrap around with snap closure, so you can insert it in the mug's handle as shown.

Hugs & Kisses Mug Cozy

YARN: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes - Chocolate - less than 1 skein, Cascade 220 - Rose - small amount for edging

NEEDLE(s): sz US 7 knitting needles & US G-6 crochet hook

NOTIONS: 2-3 snaps OR hook & loop tape (like Velcro)

finished measurements: 12 inches long & 2.5 inches wide

OXOX cable - (panel of 12 sts)

RIGHT CABLE - sl 2 sts to cn and hold to BACK of work, k2, k2 from cn.

LEFT CABLE - sl 2 sts to cn and hold to FRONT of work, k2, k2 from cn.

Row 1 (RS): P2, k8, p2
Row 2 and all WS rows: K the knit sts & P the purl sts
Row 5: Rep row 1
Row 9: Rep row 1
Row 11: Rep row 7
Row 13: Rep row 1
Row 15: Rep row 3
Row 16: Rep row 2

Slip Stitch Picot edging:

work one slip stitch, *chain three, insert hook into the same stitch and pull the yarn through both the stitch and the loop on the hook, slip stitch the next stitch; repeat from the * to end.

cast on 18 sts -
row 1: k3, work row 1 of cable pattern, k3.
row 2: p3, work row 2 of cable pattern, p 3.
Repeat Rows 1&2 until you have worked 5 cable repeats (measure your mug and add or subtract cable repeats as needed to snuggly fit YOUR mug)
Continue as for row 2 in cable pattern for 3 rows. BO in pattern.

With crochet hook and Rose color work slip stitch picot edge on both sides of cozy.

weave in all loose ends. Sew 2-3 snaps or hook and loop tape on each end. Wrap around your favorite mug and enjoy!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

rough & tough

I guess I'm a rough and tough knitter. I've gone and broken one of my new Knit Picks Options interchangeable needle cords! I was working on a hat in the round - yes, it was a tight start - when the unthinkable happens - SNAP!! The cord simply popped out of the metal join that screws into the different needle sizes. I didn't realize that it was just squeezed in there without some kind of glue or somethin. So - in my hands came the unraveling Andean Silk - yarn overs a plenty popped out and it was beyond my repair. Ugghh. Good thing it was just a hat! I frogged the project, called Knit Picks (no questions asked - they're send me a new cord!) and on to something else!

What is that something else, you say? Well, if it wasn't my luck that the
Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece I ordered happened to come to my door! I choose the Cavern (black) and have begun Rusted Root. So far, so good. It's knit in the round - so I'm making sure I don't tug too hard on the joins of the cord!

Tomorrow is Monday! That means knitting group! Get me out of the house and knit, knit, knit!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

rusty & green

Bison scarf in the mean time....I'm awaiting the arrival of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece to knit 2 Zephyr Designs patterns: Rusted Root & Green Gable. I got the yarn in Grey Dawn & Cavern (both are mid to dark grays to black) and will choose which one for which sweater when they arrive. Oh, I cant' wait til' the yarn comes!

In the mean, mean, time, I think maybe another hat or two from yarn in my stash. I have pretty much determined I am not knitting gifts this year, too. It's already November and I haven't started a thing for, I like too many patterns for myself. Who said that a knitter has to generously make things for OTHER people? Why am I feeling slight pangs of selfishness? This is my time and effort here, right? Why am I still feeling greedy? I'm going to stop another minute...okay...nope! I need to get to knitting group for some therapy! Monday can't come soon enough girls!

oh - just go knit something and RELAX!