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Friday, February 29, 2008

updated, finally!

I'm a slacker - I know! But I'm back!

Had a great President's Day weekend with my longtime girlfriends from CT - Jen C, Tara W & Laurie S. We hit up Mohegan Sun, mommy style! What that means is, we were all so excited to be away from our kids - we DRANK like fish and were too occupied to even gamble! YES - that's right - we were at a casino for hours on end and we didn't gamble. We had dinner and then found ourselves a "quiet" lounge that sat up above the casino with a beautiful changing sky above us. It would change from morning to night, the stars would twinkle and there would even be a random shooting star. We were in a little alcove with a view and 4 red big chairs - PLUS a great waitress who just kept em' coming. It was a delight. Before we knew it - we had to find our way back to the bus depot and get our shuttle back to our hotel. Mind you - we all had a lot of catching up to do - that had everything to do with keeping up busy. Next time - we'll have to make it a long weekend if we want to try to lose our money! Anyway - thanks girls - I had a blast!

I'm torn at the moment....I've got to finish my Minimalist Cardigan - and we're talking about 8 inches of a sleeve and seaming - yeah - that's it!

But I want ever so badly to make more squares on my Babette,
plus start a Central Park Hoodie (with heavy Cabled Hoodie influences) and make a few crocheted pincushions from Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Lacy Crochet, now in my library of books. UGGHH - I'm basically paralyzed from all that's swirling in my head. I've had some time to knit/crochet - but nothing...I might be in a bit of a funk here...

PLUS - I've got traveling on my mind...what to pack, how to pack it, what project(s) to bring along, etc. My daughter just got a retainer (and anyone who knows her knows that means drama. My hubby is in NYC on a job interview (and anyone who knows him knows that means STRESS, IRRITABILITY, MORE STRESS, SOME PESSIMISM and a dash more irritability - on his part, of course). I'm just waiting for the week to be over, I guess. Maybe next week I'll be in a better state of mind to knit/crochet.