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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Off and away!

My hubbz and I are heading to Paris today. I'd been reserved about this trip, pretty much, up until today. Now I feel the excitement and anticipation. Grandma came from CT to watch my rugrats, which is tremendously generous of her to do. The kids adore her and they're going to have a grand time this week. I've tucked a little stuffed animal of theirs and a picture of them to help me stay connected. We'll have no phone contact - but hope to email each other as much as we can. I'm going to miss my babes...maybe more than I thought!

Bon jour!

Friday, March 07, 2008

I'm DONE!!!

I can't believe it - I'm sewing up the final seam of my Minimalist Cardigan and it'll be ready for wearing later today! YEAH! I'm glad to be finished. I got a little off track on this one. Everyone at knitting group finished theirs at least a week ago and I wanted to be just like them! Plus, I didn't want it to go into my UFO basket (UnFinished Objects) because then it would NEVER get finished.... Well, maybe not NEVER, but it wouldn't be any time soon. But, I gotta tell you - I went out and got those 50 pc Foam Alphabet Play Mats that you would buy for your kids - but instead of for my kids - they're AWESOME for blocking! I assembled a few and pinned out and blocked each piece of the sweater and was able to move them around until they were completely dry. Usually, I would use my bed for this and well, you gotta go to sleep at some point, right? These interlocking pieces are great. I highly recommend them for blocking.

Now what? I've begun a few rounds of the crocheted pincushion from Lacy is it tough. It's lace weight thread, which means super thin, and the hook is like a minuscule steel talon that'll take a sliver of flesh out of your finger if you're not careful. But it's so delicate and beautiful. The patterns in this book remind me of vintage pieces, which I am very drawn to. Never thought I'd be this into crochet! Hope the girls at knitting don't kick me out!

Galaxy socks, Central Park Hoodie/Cabled Hoodie, Babette, vintage inspired tiny crochet...these are all in the forefront of my crafting thoughts. And which'll be the lucky project to join me in Paris? Maybe socks and tiny crochet? Could be...