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Sunday, June 29, 2008

suddenly summer

I haven't posted since March? What the heck have I been doing all this time? Well, I generally don't like to spread my misery - so I took a hiatus while I pissed an' moaned privately for a couple of months. Good enough, right? But, gee, considering I last posted about an amazing trip to Paris with my husband, it seems absurd to think I could be sulking about anything. But unfortunately, life deals shitty cards sometimes and I couldn't help myself from getting swallowed up. I'm not saying all is peachy and great, cuz' it's not - but I've accepted my situation and am trying my best to "deal with it". My only venting at the present time will be that the world of the sciences SUCKS! Doesn't matter if you've busted your ass for a decade bettering yourself and obtaining degree after degree - you simply don't get anywhere or anything for all the effort. It just isn't fair. There...I should feel better....nope, not yet:(

This is a beautiful CT native flower, Pink Lady's Slipper, we saw at Miller's Pond State Park in Durham, CT in May. The park ranger's there told us it's endangered. Isn't that just awful? If you see such a beauty, just take a picture, don't pick it - okay?

This Father's Day was lovely. We attended a brunch at Water's Edge in Westbrook, CT with some extended family. Notice the attempts at a "normal" smile as we face into the brightness? Not bad Mom & Dad, kids need some work. I must have eaten 2 pineapples and a cantalope that day! Thank goodness for elastic waists!

My kids are out of school and I've been suddenly thrust into summer. Funny though, it doesn't quite feel summery yet up here in Boston...I guess it'll come like a hammer one of these days. At least I'm saving on my electric bill and helping Mother Earth with the lack of air conditioning use...yay for me! Oh yeah, I'm quite the "earth friendly" natzi these days. Please help by doing a part in maintaining this planet we share. Here are 10 little things that you can do to help. I know I'd sure appreciate it!

This nice little shard of rock almost destroyed my teeth when I came within millimeters of chomping it along with the stewed tomatoes it was canned up with. Good thing I LOOK before I put things into my mouth! Don't worry - the company sent me LOTS of vouchers for FREE goods after showing them this one.