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Saturday, July 23, 2005

off and away

So I'm off and away on my vacation - but at a pit stop in CT at my inlaws. Yesterday I hit a LYS, Yarn Barn in Woodbridge CT. Great little shop, filled to the brim with lots of yarns and goodies.

I happened to make a purchase (how surprising!) and am going to work on a new project while on this trip. I got 6 balls of Rowan Cotton Rope in a hot pink. I went ahead an got the book that goes with this yarn and am knitting the
Eyelet Band Halter.

Socks are on hold again, cause the yarn I brought with me I'd rather do a more interesting pattern on. That'll have to wait til I'm back home.

My sister Kristin - call me soon lovey!


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tanks away!

I've completed the tank and think its lovely! Brynn, was kind enough to take a picture of me in the completed version in the yard today - looks like I need to shed a pound or two in the belly though, huh? Ahh, whatever, middle age has arrived and I'm gonna take the ride!

I just had a birthday yesterday, on July 19th. It was hot and humid as hell - just like it was the day I was born, says my mother. I spent this years day at Breakheart Reservation beach with a friend and our kids. My DFam took me out for barbeque at Big Lou's followed up with a delicious cake at home. My DH went shopping this year and did a good job with a couple of CD's I wanted. He had to store jump to find just the right ones! hatta guy! I wrapped the night up by going out with 5 good friends for snacks and drinks til 1am! I got free food cause it was the actual day of my birthday. And best of all - I GOT CARDED when I ordered a margarita! Oh yeah - life is good!

Well - I'm a little bit sun burned today after spending the entire day in a beautiful pool with friends and my kids. It was an absolutely perfect day for swimming. I felt like a kid again cause I didn't want to leave at the end of the day! Anyway - enjoy the hot weather and be good to each other.

Monday, July 18, 2005

tank almost done

I've been chuggin' away at the cross-over tank and have most of it done now. It's going to be so cute, I just can't wait to wear it.

Brynn's been slowly working on her swatch. She's easily frustrated and wants me to finish the rows for her. For a 6 year old I'm pretty impressed though. She still seems interested, but I think now understands that it isn't as easy as it looks at first. We'll keep with it and see where we go with it. She wants to take her "knitting" with her on our upcoming vacation - so that we'll do!

For me, I think socks will be my traveling project. Easy enough to take with you and not terribly complicated in terms of pattern (since I still have plenty of mates to make in various self patterning yarn).

You won't see much new stuff on here til' the beggining of August since the family and I are heading on a road trip for 10-11 days.

Be well and have fun knitting!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

the next generation

Oh the joy a mother feels when her children want to learn to knit!

I taught my 6 yr old daughter, Brynn, how to knit today. She's working back and forth on 15 stitches and now considers herself "a knitter". To appease my 4 yr old son, Reid, I also set him up on needles and he claims to be knitting his grandmother a sweater.

I want both my children to enjoy and appreciate the peacefulness that hand knitting can provide. I hope the interest continues and grows.

keep those needles clickin'

Friday, July 15, 2005

the tank

So I am feverishly working away on the tank yet I don't seem to be getting far! You work the front and back lower panels sideways, and on the size I'm doing, until it's 16" - then you pick up stitches and work the cups and straps. It's very cute, if I don't say so myself.

We're home today waiting on our car at the shop...hopefully my little rats will let me knit a bit.

enjoy and behave

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

finding the time

Between summer, my kids and trying to keep them busy, I can't find the time to do the things I love lately - mainly knitting!
But today, I made a visit to one of my LYS, Butterfly Yarns, and I've caught the knitting bug! I picked up a pattern and yarn to make a really cute cross over tank top in Sirdar DUET yarn and I've been going at it all afternoon (with many interuptions, I might add!) in hopes of finishing it so I can bring it on vacation next week.

I've been slowly working on the cable jacket and am really liking the results. I was utterly PO'd at my Monday night knitting group cause I forgot to throw my pattern into my bag before I left. So there I am with nothing to knit! But fortunately, a member of our group who had a baby 12 days ago brought her precious little man by for a visit. It was a great distraction and temporarily made me forget about it. Thankfully too, were the knitting magazines brought by others to keep me occupied too.

Shifting into dinner mode....enjoy!