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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

one down, one to go

My daughter Brynn is delighted with the sweater I made her. She picked out the boucle and "Fun Fur Stripes", which I added to the collar and cuffs. I would have loved more to have a picture of her in it, but our timing was off today! There's always tomorrow!

Anyway, with one of the kid's sweaters down, I've got one to go. Reid choose a skull and crossbones theme for his red sweater. Right now I'm working out my chart so that it will actually LOOK like a skull and crossbones when knit. One might not realize that there is a proportion to keep when charting for stockinette stitch - which is 5 sts to 7 rows. Sounds easy enough - and it might be - but not for a first timer like me. But here I go again working a sweater without an already existing pattern and it doesn't go without it's problems. But soon enough I should have it worked out and Reid will be sporting is new sweater.

While waiting for the yarn for Reid's sweater to arrive (we ordered online, of course!) I have been working on the "Unbiased Bag" from Knitty. It's made up in recycled sari silk yarn, which is all the rage right now. This is yarn made up from the mill ends of sari silk in India. They are spun together to create a thick/thin multi color yarn. The yarn is a bit challenging to work with as it likes to twist up on itself or come unraveled. But despite it's issues, it's got an amazing range of colors that are fabulous. I'm finishing up the 4th piece and will then go on to the strap. Then once pieced, I'll toss it in the washer, air dry and then toss in the dryer to help remove some of the "strings" it likes to shed. I can't wait for this one to be done! One of my LYS's has a completed bag hanging in the shop and once cleaned and dried it feels like....well, silk!!

I've corralled some girlfriends for a night of craftiness - we're going to go to a "paint it yourself" pottery shop and try to be creative! I'm pretty sure the margharita's afterward aren't what got them all to go!

Do something fun today and enjoy!

Friday, October 07, 2005

gotta make my own

I'm continuing to work on the recycled plastic bag tote, but it's low on the list cause it hurts my fingers! In the mean time I am awaiting the arrival of some yarn to knit my son sweater with a skull and crossbones motif I designed. He's all boy and wants something tough looking. The adorable duck motif sweater my mother-in-law knit him last year might not be doable this year. (It's a BHG pattern with the duck head peaking out from the back around the front. It actually looks alot like the "AFFLAC" duck - so it's not so cutesy, but funny!)

Additionally, I've got some boucle that my daughter picked out that I'm trying to make a shrug style tie front sweater out of. The pattern market is majorly lacking in any kind of pattern for such a thing for young girls (not cutesy toddler). I'm knitting up swatches this way and that and hopefully will come out with something she likes in the end - but it's something I've gotta make on my own.

I knit up very quickly the "Nantucket Basket", which looks good. I haven't felted it yet, but am confident it will be a winnner for gifting this holiday season. And since my original gifts will most likely not be completely done, this could be a fill in for some this year!

Any of you have that one friend within your group that everyone seems to tollerate, but truthfully doesn't particularly like? How's that working for you? Me? I feel badly for the person, but admit to contributing to the talking behind her back in a not always possitive light. It's yanking at me because I could be seen as being two faced in dealing with this person. Some might say I "use" her to get some things, but I would say that I have reasons for maintaining a friendship with her. She, overall is a nice person, a bit negative, authoratative and overbearing, but dealt with in smaller doses, for me anyway, tollerable. My decision on the matter is to no longer contribute to the this enough? That's the question.

Anyway, I'm going to go knit!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

sore fingers

You are Shetland Wool.
You are Shetland Wool. You are a traditional sort who can sometimes be a little on the harsh side. Though you look delicate you are tough as nails and prone to intricacies. Despite your acerbic ways you are widely respected and even revered.

A fellow knitaholic sent me a link to a Quizilla quiz to determine what type of yarn you are. Above was my result! Cute.

I have finished knitting my hubby's slippers and will probably felt them over the weekend when he's home for fitting. I'm glad he asked me to make him a pair - that way I'm pretty sure he'll actually use them.

Now I've moved on to the Erika Knight's "Recycled Plastic Carryall" from Knit with a Twist. So far, I've cut about 12 variously colored shopping backs into strips starting from the top and cutting in a spiral for one long continuous piece. That took awhile to do, and my sissor hand was aching, so I stopped, wound the strips into 2 balls and started knitting the front. Knitting with plastic is tough. You have to work hard to pull the stitches through but also making sure you don't stretch the lower stitch out of shape. After the first few rows it gets a bit easier, but still hard on the hands. In addition, I've already stopped 4 people asking me what I'm doing!

Ahh, another fine day to knit! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

what's next?

So I have finished the 'Accidentally on Purpose' vest as seen. But with 10-20° above normal temps lately, I haven't worn it yet. Ahh, soon enough though.

Mark will soon have his felted slippers - just in time for the cool weather too. His mother should be happy too, since I think she thought I wasn't making him his pair on purpose or something. But as most of my knitting friends would agree with is it's not so fun to knit with 100% wool when it's hot and humid. But anyway - I've got one finished and am working on the mate. These are great because they take about 8 hours to knit the pair and they make great gifts.

I have been feeling like if I don't get working on holiday gifts I'm going to put myself into a tight spot come December. So I really think I have to put my personal projects on the side until I get more gifts done. No biggie - I'll have plenty of cold weather months to knit all for myself!


Monday, September 05, 2005

so many patterns - so little time!

oh - I've been knitting the Accidentally on Purpose vest from the Stitch n' Bitch Nation book. I'm working it in Paton's Grace in Ruby (which really is a dark pink, not red). It's pretty simple - 78 sts x 20 in in stockinette stitch - then you drop sts in the bo and it created "runs" or "ladders" down the entire length. I've got the front finished and am 1/2 way through with the back. It'll be great to wear over long or short sleeve t shirts.

I've just ordered some patterns from Suss Designs that are pretty cool. One is a circle shrug and the other is a wrap cardigan in a short length like a bolero. Both are very cute. Just going to wait for the patterns to decipher what yarn I will use for them.

Additionally, I was on the desperate search for a man's sweater I remembered seeing - and finally remembered where I saw it. This the "Laddered Sweater" from 'simple knits with a twist'. My hubby told me that he would have been into this maybe 10 years ago - but not so much now. He's such a wimp! I absolutely love it and may incorporate these "runs" into a womans sweater for me at some point. I'm just going to make a roll neck sweater with a cable up the center for my man. He's so much more conservative than when I met him - but I'll keep him off the straight and narrow as much as I can!

I'm also just about ready to work the "Recycled Bag Carryall" also from 'simple knits with a twist'. My dear knitting friends and mother-in-law have been generous enough to help me collect plastic shopping bags of all colors to go into this really great tote. I can't wait to get it going. I'm going to start the strip cutting this week while my 2 babes enter their first week back at school.

I've still got lots of socks to work on - but I'm getting into so many other things I just can't seem to get into those just yet. I'm still working on the Paton's Cabled Hoodie - I've side tracked the Drop Stitch Shrug (I don't like it!). I've got felted slippers still to make for my hubby too for the chilly weather soon to approach!


enjoy - and why not create something yourself this month?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

silk garden is OUT

well - I went chuggin' away at starting the drop stitch shrug using my stash of Noro Silk Garden - but after about 5 inches, I frogged it. I didn't like the way it held the pattern (or didn't, that is) and then realized I don't really want the whole "striped" affect that this yarn produces. So I went through my stash again and am now restarting the shrug in Cascade Indulgence in basic black. This is not quite a worsted weight, but I'll see how it goes on US8 throughout.

keep ploughing through

Monday, August 22, 2005

Pink's In

So I've been slowly working on the Eyelet Halter and have finally finished it. I knit the size medium, but should have done it in a small. I'm going to wash it a bit and see if I can get the size to come down a little. I adore it anyway and will get some fun use out of it.

I'm now in the process of finding a nice sweater to knit for my hubby. I was going to go with the Irregular Rib Raglan from Loop-d-Loop - but he saw it and isn't terribly fond of I'm searching for something new. I remember seeing something recently in a long sleeved sweater that had a long run of dropped stitches down the front or side that was pretty cool, but I can't remember where! Of course! But you know, he probably wouldn't like that either...he's a bit more conservative than I am. I did show him the Big Sack Sweater from the Stitch 'N Bitch book, which he seemed to like - so if I can't find anything else ASAP then I'll go with that.

Just got the Sept 05 Knit Picks catalog and got the knitting bug for the winter! I think if I do go ahead and do the Sack sweater that I'll do it in their Andean Silk - maybe in Olive or Pitch.

I am about to start another new shrug for myself. I'm going with something fuller in the sleeve and might just use a free pattern I found online called Drop Stitch Shrug. I'm contemplating using my Noro Silk Garden which I have in #47, which is charcoal, olive, cocoa & hyacinth - might look nice. I'll start it and if I don't like it - frog it!

Off to yell at my babes! Can't wait for school to start in 2 weeks. My patience was stubbed out after the first month of summer vacation and I've just ran out of fumes! Ohh, someone save me!!! I'm trying to keep us busy with friends and activites to buffer the madness, but they're out of control and need that structure that the school year enflicts. ONE MOMENT AT A TIME!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Home Sweet Home

The family and I are finally home. We had a great trip, but we're ready to settle back into our normal groove. While away, I had some time to knit on the eyelet halter - but not as much as I would have liked to. I'm almost done with the front and will piece it soon. I love the color and feel of this yarn. This'll be a nice addition to my wardrobe.

I'm going to have to get an impromptu meeting together with my knitting group friends. I know we've all been busy or away lately, so I think some of us will be up to it. I'd just like to get back into my daily knitting and finding new projects to work on.

Christmas still seems a ways away, doesn't it? Well, when you're knitting your gifts it comes quicker than you think. I've got to get going on my projects so I won't have to hustle come Dec 1st. So I guess getting myself excited about too many new projects will have to wait - at least until I have more gifts completed, that is.

So much to do here at home....unpacking, laundry, putting away all those toys lying around.....ugghhh. The last 2 days now I've been out of sorts - headache, dizzy and feeling like I'm in slow motion....hope it clears soon so I can get my house back in order.

Enjoy and be good to yourself...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

off and away

So I'm off and away on my vacation - but at a pit stop in CT at my inlaws. Yesterday I hit a LYS, Yarn Barn in Woodbridge CT. Great little shop, filled to the brim with lots of yarns and goodies.

I happened to make a purchase (how surprising!) and am going to work on a new project while on this trip. I got 6 balls of Rowan Cotton Rope in a hot pink. I went ahead an got the book that goes with this yarn and am knitting the
Eyelet Band Halter.

Socks are on hold again, cause the yarn I brought with me I'd rather do a more interesting pattern on. That'll have to wait til I'm back home.

My sister Kristin - call me soon lovey!


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tanks away!

I've completed the tank and think its lovely! Brynn, was kind enough to take a picture of me in the completed version in the yard today - looks like I need to shed a pound or two in the belly though, huh? Ahh, whatever, middle age has arrived and I'm gonna take the ride!

I just had a birthday yesterday, on July 19th. It was hot and humid as hell - just like it was the day I was born, says my mother. I spent this years day at Breakheart Reservation beach with a friend and our kids. My DFam took me out for barbeque at Big Lou's followed up with a delicious cake at home. My DH went shopping this year and did a good job with a couple of CD's I wanted. He had to store jump to find just the right ones! hatta guy! I wrapped the night up by going out with 5 good friends for snacks and drinks til 1am! I got free food cause it was the actual day of my birthday. And best of all - I GOT CARDED when I ordered a margarita! Oh yeah - life is good!

Well - I'm a little bit sun burned today after spending the entire day in a beautiful pool with friends and my kids. It was an absolutely perfect day for swimming. I felt like a kid again cause I didn't want to leave at the end of the day! Anyway - enjoy the hot weather and be good to each other.

Monday, July 18, 2005

tank almost done

I've been chuggin' away at the cross-over tank and have most of it done now. It's going to be so cute, I just can't wait to wear it.

Brynn's been slowly working on her swatch. She's easily frustrated and wants me to finish the rows for her. For a 6 year old I'm pretty impressed though. She still seems interested, but I think now understands that it isn't as easy as it looks at first. We'll keep with it and see where we go with it. She wants to take her "knitting" with her on our upcoming vacation - so that we'll do!

For me, I think socks will be my traveling project. Easy enough to take with you and not terribly complicated in terms of pattern (since I still have plenty of mates to make in various self patterning yarn).

You won't see much new stuff on here til' the beggining of August since the family and I are heading on a road trip for 10-11 days.

Be well and have fun knitting!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

the next generation

Oh the joy a mother feels when her children want to learn to knit!

I taught my 6 yr old daughter, Brynn, how to knit today. She's working back and forth on 15 stitches and now considers herself "a knitter". To appease my 4 yr old son, Reid, I also set him up on needles and he claims to be knitting his grandmother a sweater.

I want both my children to enjoy and appreciate the peacefulness that hand knitting can provide. I hope the interest continues and grows.

keep those needles clickin'

Friday, July 15, 2005

the tank

So I am feverishly working away on the tank yet I don't seem to be getting far! You work the front and back lower panels sideways, and on the size I'm doing, until it's 16" - then you pick up stitches and work the cups and straps. It's very cute, if I don't say so myself.

We're home today waiting on our car at the shop...hopefully my little rats will let me knit a bit.

enjoy and behave

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

finding the time

Between summer, my kids and trying to keep them busy, I can't find the time to do the things I love lately - mainly knitting!
But today, I made a visit to one of my LYS, Butterfly Yarns, and I've caught the knitting bug! I picked up a pattern and yarn to make a really cute cross over tank top in Sirdar DUET yarn and I've been going at it all afternoon (with many interuptions, I might add!) in hopes of finishing it so I can bring it on vacation next week.

I've been slowly working on the cable jacket and am really liking the results. I was utterly PO'd at my Monday night knitting group cause I forgot to throw my pattern into my bag before I left. So there I am with nothing to knit! But fortunately, a member of our group who had a baby 12 days ago brought her precious little man by for a visit. It was a great distraction and temporarily made me forget about it. Thankfully too, were the knitting magazines brought by others to keep me occupied too.

Shifting into dinner mode....enjoy!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Back at last!

Well, well, well...where have you been? Me?? I've been either busy or too lazy to update my blog, didn't you know? The kid's are finally done with school for the summer and now I should have time here or there to post - so keep me on your minds!

Got a new project on my needles (besides the endless array of socks I continue to work on). I'm in love with Paton's "Cabled Hoodie" from their Street Smart booklet (PICTURED) - so I'm giving it a try. But what I'm not doing is what the pattern calls for at all! I'm attempting to alter the pattern by knitting this is the "round" instead of the back, left front and right fronts separately. So I've adjusted the stitches taking out seam allowances and am knitting this bad boy back and forth on circular needles all in one piece up to the armholes - then I'll work each section individually and seam those when done. Additionally, I'm using my Jamieson's Chunky Shetland in Wildflower (PICTURED) instead of the worsted weight yarn the pattern calls for. So I'm experiementing with the ribbing gauge at the moment on size 8 and 9 needles right now and will see how to proceed.

Recently took a gander at a new local yarn shop in Wakefileld, MA called Butterfly Yarns. Very nice little shop on it's way to being a mainstay in the area for knitters. Glad to see that there is now someone to give Sit & Knit a run for her money anyway! Of course, I couldn't leave the shop without making a purchase - got MORE sock yarn - which I was delighted to see they carry all sorts of. Can't have too many socks on the needles, now can we!

I feel the need to comment on my newest addiction related to knitting - ADDI TURBO NEEDLES! I have to confess that I am now an Addi snob! I was working just fine with my Denise Interchangeable circular kit - but then I got "stuck" on socks knit the 2 circular needle way and used Addi's - that's all it took. I've used them before, but something just clicked when I used them this time around.! My goal now is to get 2 pair 28" long in each size! Already got US0 - 4 down! Ohh yeah!

Remember - keep me in your thoughts!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Just to let you all know, my house looked great for my Friday night dinner guests! And I had time to knit! Made chicken cordon bleu, pilaf and brocolli. Got lots of compliments and my kids ate 2 servings of chicken! We played probably the best ever game of Monopoly ever (and that's not just because I won!). It was just a great distribution of properties and unique bargining, plus the personalities at the table that made it so fun. So overall, the night was a success.

My kids have a birthday party for a 6 year old girlfriend - so I've got a gift to make. I think I'm going with a bathing suit cover/poncho to match this cute little suit I found. Just need to find the right yarn....

My little guy is home today - so off we go to enjoy the beautiful day (with sunblock of course). He's all geared up in one of his "basketball uniforms" and he's ready to play.

Friday, June 03, 2005


I fear mentioning the sun for it will shy away behind dark grey clouds, but it is out again today! That's all I'm saying about that.

It's always nice to throw in a little jpeg of the work in progress, isn't it? Lovely little sock.

Next on the list of sock yarns is more Lana Grossa "Fun & Stripes", but in dark blue, light blue, red and orange or #626. The appeal to this yarn is that it makes predictable stripes, which makes it easier to make the mate. But I guess it depends on what you're looking for out of a self patterning yarn, right?

Dinner guests are on the agenda for this evening. Of course, I am feeling the pull to clean house! Nothing too big, just EVERYTHING! Yeah, I'm a freak when it comes to this. Oh, well. Honestly, though, I'm getting better at this since instead of the urge to clean, I'm trying to figure out when I can knit today! Nothing like a fiber addiction to let your home go to the pigs.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

could it be?

Dare I say the sun has come out today? But it is true...amazingly. Let the outdoor playdates begin! I am off shortly to let the boys run and play. Thursday is the day of the boys, you know. My son, who is usually surrounded by girls, gets his day of rough play, climbing, yelling and tumbling with a few other boys his same age. He loves it! He lives for Thursdays! Yeah for Reid!

Since I've finished my shrug, I'm off working on more socks. I'm currently using Lana Grossa Meilenweit "Fun & Stripes" in blue, green, orange and grey stripes. They are a funky arrangement of colors one might not put together - therefore, I love them!

This morning, over a bowl of Corn Pops with my son, I was reading the back of the Addi Turbo needle packet and got a little chuckle out of the "warning label": "This needle or item should be used only for the purpose it was designed for: NEEDLE WORK. If used improperly and or by untrained persons this tool may cause bodily harm." Untrained??? Bodily Harm??? Watch out there fellow knitters, I don't think you realized how dangerous using those circular needles really was! No, really, it just cracks me up now a days to see these kind of warning labes on just about everything....damn idiots and their lawsuits.

Anyway, let the sun shine down on me and raise me from the funk I have called life in recent weeks! Off to play.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

downer day

Boston is crappy! Why any of us pay as much as we do to live here is not registering in my head. Not being native to this place, I am not enjoying my time spent here due to the ugly weather this area has been burdoned with this year. A killer winter with loads of snow have now passaged on to endless cold, grey, wet days. We're but mere weeks from summer and we've yet to have any real sense of spring. The few flowers that bloomed with the hopes of sun and warmth, were wilted over with clouds and cold. I've been forced to hold off on planting my crop of green beans and now it's making me grouchy!
I can only hope that this blanket of cold and wet will soon burn away and allow the golden rays to shine upon us. My mind, body and soul are in dire need (as is my orchid, which drops a flower every other day now!). For the knitter, our colder weather items have gotten an extension. Usually at this time of year, a knitter is searching for lighter summer weight goodies to occupy her hands and soul. This is not the case now. We all seem to be slowly wrapping up wool sweaters and the likes instead of light and airy ponchos or bathing suit coverups. This will catch up though - as I'm sure summer with hit with a vengence and we'll go from a cool 53 degrees to 98 in a days time! What will one do then with a newly finished wool roll neck sweater?

I'll end this somber entry with my personal life mantras:
LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH -&- You can only control your own actions

Friday, May 27, 2005

Shimmer is done!

here I am modeling my new Shimmer shrug - I love it and it's been keeping me toasty all afternoon!

Shimmer shrug

I am on the final stages of the Shimmer shrug - I deviated from the pattern a bit by shortening the sleeves to 3/4 length - so it changed the top edge's shape a bit - but it looks pretty good. Have all the loose ends to weave in now - not my fav.

I love M, W & F for my 2.5 hour break from the kids. Reid is happily in preschool across the street and Brynn, as usual, is busy in her full day of kindergarten. You would think now is the perfect time to clean or do laundry - but OH NO - I can't imagine doing HOUSE WORK on my time off! Instead, I'm going to knit and finish my shrug!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

New to this!

So I've been thinking for a while that a knitting blog would be fun. I am an addicted knitter and thought I'd post to see if anyone shares my particular likes in this area.

I am currently working on 2 projects....well make that 3 or 4....but avidly on 2.

I really liked the "I Do" shrug on, but after working some of a sleeve, decided I didn't like the way it looked - so I've since changed to the "Shimmer" shrug also from I definately like this one and am almost done now. I'm using KnitPicks yarn, Andean Silk in Grass - it's luscious! And since the weather here in new england has been so cold - I'll probably be wearing it a'plenty!

Sock addiction

I'm also knitting away on various pairs of socks. I'm doing so on 2 double needles vs. the dpn method. I like it so much more. My tactic at not getting bored with any one yarn or pattern is to knit just one sock at a time then switch to another yarn/pattern...I then knit the match after I've knit a couple in different yarns and I don't get so bored!