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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

one down, one to go

My daughter Brynn is delighted with the sweater I made her. She picked out the boucle and "Fun Fur Stripes", which I added to the collar and cuffs. I would have loved more to have a picture of her in it, but our timing was off today! There's always tomorrow!

Anyway, with one of the kid's sweaters down, I've got one to go. Reid choose a skull and crossbones theme for his red sweater. Right now I'm working out my chart so that it will actually LOOK like a skull and crossbones when knit. One might not realize that there is a proportion to keep when charting for stockinette stitch - which is 5 sts to 7 rows. Sounds easy enough - and it might be - but not for a first timer like me. But here I go again working a sweater without an already existing pattern and it doesn't go without it's problems. But soon enough I should have it worked out and Reid will be sporting is new sweater.

While waiting for the yarn for Reid's sweater to arrive (we ordered online, of course!) I have been working on the "Unbiased Bag" from Knitty. It's made up in recycled sari silk yarn, which is all the rage right now. This is yarn made up from the mill ends of sari silk in India. They are spun together to create a thick/thin multi color yarn. The yarn is a bit challenging to work with as it likes to twist up on itself or come unraveled. But despite it's issues, it's got an amazing range of colors that are fabulous. I'm finishing up the 4th piece and will then go on to the strap. Then once pieced, I'll toss it in the washer, air dry and then toss in the dryer to help remove some of the "strings" it likes to shed. I can't wait for this one to be done! One of my LYS's has a completed bag hanging in the shop and once cleaned and dried it feels like....well, silk!!

I've corralled some girlfriends for a night of craftiness - we're going to go to a "paint it yourself" pottery shop and try to be creative! I'm pretty sure the margharita's afterward aren't what got them all to go!

Do something fun today and enjoy!

Friday, October 07, 2005

gotta make my own

I'm continuing to work on the recycled plastic bag tote, but it's low on the list cause it hurts my fingers! In the mean time I am awaiting the arrival of some yarn to knit my son sweater with a skull and crossbones motif I designed. He's all boy and wants something tough looking. The adorable duck motif sweater my mother-in-law knit him last year might not be doable this year. (It's a BHG pattern with the duck head peaking out from the back around the front. It actually looks alot like the "AFFLAC" duck - so it's not so cutesy, but funny!)

Additionally, I've got some boucle that my daughter picked out that I'm trying to make a shrug style tie front sweater out of. The pattern market is majorly lacking in any kind of pattern for such a thing for young girls (not cutesy toddler). I'm knitting up swatches this way and that and hopefully will come out with something she likes in the end - but it's something I've gotta make on my own.

I knit up very quickly the "Nantucket Basket", which looks good. I haven't felted it yet, but am confident it will be a winnner for gifting this holiday season. And since my original gifts will most likely not be completely done, this could be a fill in for some this year!

Any of you have that one friend within your group that everyone seems to tollerate, but truthfully doesn't particularly like? How's that working for you? Me? I feel badly for the person, but admit to contributing to the talking behind her back in a not always possitive light. It's yanking at me because I could be seen as being two faced in dealing with this person. Some might say I "use" her to get some things, but I would say that I have reasons for maintaining a friendship with her. She, overall is a nice person, a bit negative, authoratative and overbearing, but dealt with in smaller doses, for me anyway, tollerable. My decision on the matter is to no longer contribute to the this enough? That's the question.

Anyway, I'm going to go knit!