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Thursday, July 24, 2008

July in a blur

July has brought plenty of road travel our way. We took respite on the shores of Lewes, Delaware, sojourned in exotic gardens and chilly shelter in North Haven, Connecticut, trekked to the Big Apple where heights and crowds were navigated and explored the exhilarating, though wet, amusements in Salem, NH.

Basically, we went to visit my parent's place in DE, where the kid's played in the sun and water every day. They hang out with cousins they haven't seen in years and were in bliss. We've also visited my in-laws in CT where my MIL takes great pride in her beautiful garden and my FIL likes a cool house. An added bonus there was seeing my husband's brother, his wife and their gorgeous 11mo old daughter. NYC was hit up for the Empire State Building (compliments of my BIL, Chris, who took my kids solo on that one) but more importantly, for a Yankee's game. (12-4 Yankees vs Twins - great game!) Plus we hit up Canobie Lake in NH with some friends in the rain. All this and July isn't even over yet!

I have been trying to get back into some kind of creative outlet - KNITTING, of course. I've started an Everlasting Bagstopper in orange after reading a couple of my friends from my knitting group have been blasting them out recently. I gotta say, I didn't pick it up and bust it out in a weekend like some of them. I'm slowly re-introducing myself to positive, enjoyable, self gratifying forms of enjoyment. I would say I'm not fully out of my recent stupor and it's having it's affect on my personal enjoyment. I have found a bunch of great knitting patterns on Ravelry and it's getting my juices flowing. Too bad I'm poor, I'd love to indulge in some luscious fibers and beautiful patterns. What I have in my stash will have to suffice for now.

I've still got fun to enjoy for the remaining summer. 2 separate "Girls Weekends" - one in NH with my local BFFs and another in CT with my childhood BFFs. There's also potential to see our B&SIL and baby again too. Plus, each of my babes have their own week in CT with my ILs while they attend a 7 day day camp. My daughter has already done her week, and it appears she greatly enjoyed being the "only child" so much that she's having a hard time dealing with a sibling again. But my son goes off for his week this coming weekend, so it'll be just her and I and she can soak up all the attention once again. It has been a strange experience only having one child at a time like that. I've never left just one at a time like this before. It's a nice break from the daily headache of having 2 kids going at each other all day long.


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Beth said...

Welcome Back sweetie! Hope to see you on a Monday real soon!