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Monday, August 22, 2005

Pink's In

So I've been slowly working on the Eyelet Halter and have finally finished it. I knit the size medium, but should have done it in a small. I'm going to wash it a bit and see if I can get the size to come down a little. I adore it anyway and will get some fun use out of it.

I'm now in the process of finding a nice sweater to knit for my hubby. I was going to go with the Irregular Rib Raglan from Loop-d-Loop - but he saw it and isn't terribly fond of I'm searching for something new. I remember seeing something recently in a long sleeved sweater that had a long run of dropped stitches down the front or side that was pretty cool, but I can't remember where! Of course! But you know, he probably wouldn't like that either...he's a bit more conservative than I am. I did show him the Big Sack Sweater from the Stitch 'N Bitch book, which he seemed to like - so if I can't find anything else ASAP then I'll go with that.

Just got the Sept 05 Knit Picks catalog and got the knitting bug for the winter! I think if I do go ahead and do the Sack sweater that I'll do it in their Andean Silk - maybe in Olive or Pitch.

I am about to start another new shrug for myself. I'm going with something fuller in the sleeve and might just use a free pattern I found online called Drop Stitch Shrug. I'm contemplating using my Noro Silk Garden which I have in #47, which is charcoal, olive, cocoa & hyacinth - might look nice. I'll start it and if I don't like it - frog it!

Off to yell at my babes! Can't wait for school to start in 2 weeks. My patience was stubbed out after the first month of summer vacation and I've just ran out of fumes! Ohh, someone save me!!! I'm trying to keep us busy with friends and activites to buffer the madness, but they're out of control and need that structure that the school year enflicts. ONE MOMENT AT A TIME!!

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