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Thursday, September 15, 2005

what's next?

So I have finished the 'Accidentally on Purpose' vest as seen. But with 10-20° above normal temps lately, I haven't worn it yet. Ahh, soon enough though.

Mark will soon have his felted slippers - just in time for the cool weather too. His mother should be happy too, since I think she thought I wasn't making him his pair on purpose or something. But as most of my knitting friends would agree with is it's not so fun to knit with 100% wool when it's hot and humid. But anyway - I've got one finished and am working on the mate. These are great because they take about 8 hours to knit the pair and they make great gifts.

I have been feeling like if I don't get working on holiday gifts I'm going to put myself into a tight spot come December. So I really think I have to put my personal projects on the side until I get more gifts done. No biggie - I'll have plenty of cold weather months to knit all for myself!


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