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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Despite being sick with a stomach bug, I am getting my family packed to head down to CT for Thanksgiving. We stay at my in-laws and always have a great time. And let me tell you about these chairs they've got in their living room! I've bragged to my knitting group that they are the perfectly designed chair for knitting in! They are U shaped with the perfect arm height to allow my arms to settle into a very comfortable knitch (nice huh?) were I can knit for hours! They swivel too, which allows me to always be a part of whats going on. I can whip out sweaters or more while in those chairs in no time at all. Maybe it helps too that my children are playfully entertained by their grandparents...but I'm sticking with my belief in those chairs. They're wonderful!

I'm bringing 3 projects along with me: crochet eco-friendly carryall, Sheldon the Turtle & Rusted Root. They're all on some needles and partially done - Maybe I can finish them all by Sunday! Anythings possible in those chairs!

Hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving with whomever you may be spending it with this year. If it's a quiet one, good for you! If it's family/friend filled, good for you too! All's good one way or another. Either way - have a good one.


Mary said...

Have a wonderful time and tell your MIL that I said hello.

Friender said...

Sheldon the Turtle is adorable! Hope you had a good thanksgiving and got over that stomach bug. (found you on Ravelry) - Jen