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Thursday, November 01, 2007

rusty & green

Bison scarf in the mean time....I'm awaiting the arrival of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece to knit 2 Zephyr Designs patterns: Rusted Root & Green Gable. I got the yarn in Grey Dawn & Cavern (both are mid to dark grays to black) and will choose which one for which sweater when they arrive. Oh, I cant' wait til' the yarn comes!

In the mean, mean, time, I think maybe another hat or two from yarn in my stash. I have pretty much determined I am not knitting gifts this year, too. It's already November and I haven't started a thing for, I like too many patterns for myself. Who said that a knitter has to generously make things for OTHER people? Why am I feeling slight pangs of selfishness? This is my time and effort here, right? Why am I still feeling greedy? I'm going to stop another minute...okay...nope! I need to get to knitting group for some therapy! Monday can't come soon enough girls!

oh - just go knit something and RELAX!


Mary said...

Don't feel guilty! You should knit only for those who appreciate your knitting and who will appreciate it more than yourself?

haddy said...

We should start a group of Ravelry. The "NO! I'm not knitting for you" group. I'd join. I'm not making anyone a damn thing for the holidays.