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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Holiday Rush

Wow - have I been busy with the upcoming holiday! I took inventory of what I've got and I can honestly say - I"M DONE! Oh yeah, baby! I kept things in reason and didn't get every single person I say hello to something (like others I know, but won't mention) for the simple fact that I can't afford it. I'm not ashamed to say that I re-gift when necessary and keep a bag of things I receive that are not really me just for that very purpose. It's not to say I don't want to purchase a new gift for those I do give to - it's just sometimes I can imagine something I already received in the hands of someone more complimentary. Okay - it sounds shallow...but when you aren't rollin' in it - you have to make alternate arrangements work. You know?

Plus, let's not get into the sheer fact that I don't think you need to get every little person you know a gift for Christmas. Let's talk about your children's teachers for example... come on - maybe if they are really great or something or at least super nice, but frankly, I don't really think mine are going out of their way to educate my children to really deserve a GIFT. Oh no, there I went...I blurted it out...oh my. Too bad - that's what reality is.

RELAX, RELAX, RELAX......Okay - I'm calm again!

I have to admit that I'm really feeling the crafting guilt now that it's 2 weeks until the big exchange day and I haven't made any handmade gifts for the ones I love (with the exception of Sheldon the Turtle for my new niece - isn't he cute?).

I'm not having any problems with finding projects to knit for myself though! I keep casting on something new every few days. I'm into hats at the moment (maybe because they are small projects) like Le Slouch, Trinity Stitch Hat, Foliage and Just Like a Peasant Cap are just some of the patterns I'm buying yarn for as we speak. Then there's these awesome mittens a friend of mine is working on now that are a MUST KNIT - so I ordered the pattern, Fanning the Flames. I just fell in love with the site of them! Thanks Mary!

Okay - well - if I'm not blogging by the big day - have a merry one. Hope you eat some good food - cause if you're like me - you'll be starving yourself come 2008!

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Cath said...

Your Sheldon is SUPER CUTE!