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Thursday, June 02, 2005

could it be?

Dare I say the sun has come out today? But it is true...amazingly. Let the outdoor playdates begin! I am off shortly to let the boys run and play. Thursday is the day of the boys, you know. My son, who is usually surrounded by girls, gets his day of rough play, climbing, yelling and tumbling with a few other boys his same age. He loves it! He lives for Thursdays! Yeah for Reid!

Since I've finished my shrug, I'm off working on more socks. I'm currently using Lana Grossa Meilenweit "Fun & Stripes" in blue, green, orange and grey stripes. They are a funky arrangement of colors one might not put together - therefore, I love them!

This morning, over a bowl of Corn Pops with my son, I was reading the back of the Addi Turbo needle packet and got a little chuckle out of the "warning label": "This needle or item should be used only for the purpose it was designed for: NEEDLE WORK. If used improperly and or by untrained persons this tool may cause bodily harm." Untrained??? Bodily Harm??? Watch out there fellow knitters, I don't think you realized how dangerous using those circular needles really was! No, really, it just cracks me up now a days to see these kind of warning labes on just about everything....damn idiots and their lawsuits.

Anyway, let the sun shine down on me and raise me from the funk I have called life in recent weeks! Off to play.

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aunt j said...

way cool!!!!!! way creative. i'm not surprised.