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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Just to let you all know, my house looked great for my Friday night dinner guests! And I had time to knit! Made chicken cordon bleu, pilaf and brocolli. Got lots of compliments and my kids ate 2 servings of chicken! We played probably the best ever game of Monopoly ever (and that's not just because I won!). It was just a great distribution of properties and unique bargining, plus the personalities at the table that made it so fun. So overall, the night was a success.

My kids have a birthday party for a 6 year old girlfriend - so I've got a gift to make. I think I'm going with a bathing suit cover/poncho to match this cute little suit I found. Just need to find the right yarn....

My little guy is home today - so off we go to enjoy the beautiful day (with sunblock of course). He's all geared up in one of his "basketball uniforms" and he's ready to play.

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