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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

downer day

Boston is crappy! Why any of us pay as much as we do to live here is not registering in my head. Not being native to this place, I am not enjoying my time spent here due to the ugly weather this area has been burdoned with this year. A killer winter with loads of snow have now passaged on to endless cold, grey, wet days. We're but mere weeks from summer and we've yet to have any real sense of spring. The few flowers that bloomed with the hopes of sun and warmth, were wilted over with clouds and cold. I've been forced to hold off on planting my crop of green beans and now it's making me grouchy!
I can only hope that this blanket of cold and wet will soon burn away and allow the golden rays to shine upon us. My mind, body and soul are in dire need (as is my orchid, which drops a flower every other day now!). For the knitter, our colder weather items have gotten an extension. Usually at this time of year, a knitter is searching for lighter summer weight goodies to occupy her hands and soul. This is not the case now. We all seem to be slowly wrapping up wool sweaters and the likes instead of light and airy ponchos or bathing suit coverups. This will catch up though - as I'm sure summer with hit with a vengence and we'll go from a cool 53 degrees to 98 in a days time! What will one do then with a newly finished wool roll neck sweater?

I'll end this somber entry with my personal life mantras:
LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH -&- You can only control your own actions

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