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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Back at last!

Well, well, well...where have you been? Me?? I've been either busy or too lazy to update my blog, didn't you know? The kid's are finally done with school for the summer and now I should have time here or there to post - so keep me on your minds!

Got a new project on my needles (besides the endless array of socks I continue to work on). I'm in love with Paton's "Cabled Hoodie" from their Street Smart booklet (PICTURED) - so I'm giving it a try. But what I'm not doing is what the pattern calls for at all! I'm attempting to alter the pattern by knitting this is the "round" instead of the back, left front and right fronts separately. So I've adjusted the stitches taking out seam allowances and am knitting this bad boy back and forth on circular needles all in one piece up to the armholes - then I'll work each section individually and seam those when done. Additionally, I'm using my Jamieson's Chunky Shetland in Wildflower (PICTURED) instead of the worsted weight yarn the pattern calls for. So I'm experiementing with the ribbing gauge at the moment on size 8 and 9 needles right now and will see how to proceed.

Recently took a gander at a new local yarn shop in Wakefileld, MA called Butterfly Yarns. Very nice little shop on it's way to being a mainstay in the area for knitters. Glad to see that there is now someone to give Sit & Knit a run for her money anyway! Of course, I couldn't leave the shop without making a purchase - got MORE sock yarn - which I was delighted to see they carry all sorts of. Can't have too many socks on the needles, now can we!

I feel the need to comment on my newest addiction related to knitting - ADDI TURBO NEEDLES! I have to confess that I am now an Addi snob! I was working just fine with my Denise Interchangeable circular kit - but then I got "stuck" on socks knit the 2 circular needle way and used Addi's - that's all it took. I've used them before, but something just clicked when I used them this time around.! My goal now is to get 2 pair 28" long in each size! Already got US0 - 4 down! Ohh yeah!

Remember - keep me in your thoughts!

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Mary said...

Kathleen, You are the bravest knitter I know!