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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

finding the time

Between summer, my kids and trying to keep them busy, I can't find the time to do the things I love lately - mainly knitting!
But today, I made a visit to one of my LYS, Butterfly Yarns, and I've caught the knitting bug! I picked up a pattern and yarn to make a really cute cross over tank top in Sirdar DUET yarn and I've been going at it all afternoon (with many interuptions, I might add!) in hopes of finishing it so I can bring it on vacation next week.

I've been slowly working on the cable jacket and am really liking the results. I was utterly PO'd at my Monday night knitting group cause I forgot to throw my pattern into my bag before I left. So there I am with nothing to knit! But fortunately, a member of our group who had a baby 12 days ago brought her precious little man by for a visit. It was a great distraction and temporarily made me forget about it. Thankfully too, were the knitting magazines brought by others to keep me occupied too.

Shifting into dinner mode....enjoy!

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