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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tanks away!

I've completed the tank and think its lovely! Brynn, was kind enough to take a picture of me in the completed version in the yard today - looks like I need to shed a pound or two in the belly though, huh? Ahh, whatever, middle age has arrived and I'm gonna take the ride!

I just had a birthday yesterday, on July 19th. It was hot and humid as hell - just like it was the day I was born, says my mother. I spent this years day at Breakheart Reservation beach with a friend and our kids. My DFam took me out for barbeque at Big Lou's followed up with a delicious cake at home. My DH went shopping this year and did a good job with a couple of CD's I wanted. He had to store jump to find just the right ones! hatta guy! I wrapped the night up by going out with 5 good friends for snacks and drinks til 1am! I got free food cause it was the actual day of my birthday. And best of all - I GOT CARDED when I ordered a margarita! Oh yeah - life is good!

Well - I'm a little bit sun burned today after spending the entire day in a beautiful pool with friends and my kids. It was an absolutely perfect day for swimming. I felt like a kid again cause I didn't want to leave at the end of the day! Anyway - enjoy the hot weather and be good to each other.

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What a great job! You never cease to amaze me. And Brynn is quite the photographer, too.