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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

one last time...

I'm passing my time knitting Topi - a Knitty pattern - inspired by cadet style hats that are all over the place now. I am using left over Elann Sonata yarn in a steel gray from Reid's skull sweater. I thought this would be a day and a half project - but here it is the 3rd day I'm working on it. First it was getting it started. No lie - it took no less than 12 times to get it going. Then I didn't increase enough and it was too small for my head. Then I didn't make the edge long enough and it wouldn't stay on my head and then finally I forgot to switch to smaller needles for the border and had to redo that. I am just about done now - but I swear, if I find one more "mistake" I might freak!

On another note, I've heard lots and lots about Rhinebeck. I am green with envy about all the yarns I missed seeing and touching. There were so many vendors it made people's heads spin! Since I tend to be more of an impulse shopper - it was good I didn't attend because I would have spent all my money in the first hour! I heard it would have been very hard to be strategic and hit those vendors you were most interested in just because of the sheer numbers in attendance, some said it was hard just to remember where you saw what yarns. I recommended that next year they utilize technology and bring a phone with GPS on it so they can mark where they saw good yarn and be able to get back to it!

Some of my Monday knitting group and I are starting a Minimalist Cardigan knit-a-long. I'm waiting for my Barn Red Andean Silk to arrive. This came up at the suggestion of a one of the groups members last week...I hadn't planned on knitting this cardigan quite yet...but a knit-a-long...I'm in! Thanks Margaret!

ssk, k2tog....enjoy!

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