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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Topi down

oh yeah - finished my Topi hat late last night. I couldn't go to bed without finishing the brim. It was knit as a pocket and then you inserted plastic canvas into it for stiffness. I think it came out cute. My kids really like it! They're so proud of me after having watched me knit this for way too many days!

I was hoping my Andean Silk would arrive while I was at work today so that I can get my Minimalist Cardigan cast on and started - but much to my dismay - no packages at my door. Bummer!

I've got the knitting bug - so I've got to start a project NOW! I just don't know what....with the knit-a-long starting soon I don't want to get into anything too big....I wonder.

knit today and enjoy!


Cath said...


callmejenny said...

ooo--cute! You are soo darn talented! jealousy....... :)

Beth said...

Nice to see it finally completed. Love the hat. Takes me back to the 70's when all the rage....